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The United States Golf Association Museum and Arnold Palmer Center for Golf History is home to the world's premier collection of golf artifacts and memorabilia. It is located adjacent to the United States Golf Association’s headquarters in Far Hills, in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States.

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USGA Championships, including broadcasts - The USGA conducts the United States Open, United States Women's Open and United States Senior Open Championships, which are open to amateur and professional golfers from around the world. The USGA also conducts annually ten national amateur golf championships. In 2017, nearly 40,000 people competed in these USGA championships. Additionally, more than 450,000 people attended these USGA championships as spectators. By exposing the public to these USGA championships through various spectator packages, national and international television and radio broadcasts, and digital and social media platforms the USGA promotes worldwide interest in the game of golf and inspires participation in the game. The USGA also leverages these same platforms to disseminate educational materials and information regarding environmental and economic sustainability, STEM education, diversity and inclusion, history, and other relevant topics. The USGA also sponsors teams for several international amateur golf championships, providing opportunities for amateur American athletes to compete in global events.


USGA agronomists provide course consulting services to golf facilities throughout the United States and abroad for the purpose of advancing environmental and economic best management practices. The USGA Green Section also provides speakers, on-line publications and on-line conferences to educate interested parties about environmental and agronomic issues affecting the game of golf, as well as the broader community. The USGA provides grants to colleges and universities to finance turfgrass and environmental research to benefit golf courses and the environment. In 2017, the USGA conducted the USGA Golf Innovation Symposium to gather scientists, golf course operators and golf experts to discuss solutions to reducing golf's use of water, management of nutrient use and reducing maintenance costs for golf courses, the majority of which are public.


GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) - GHIN is a handicap computation service that encourages golfers of differing abilities to compete against one another in a fair and equitable manner. This service began in 1981 with the Metropolitan Golf Association (New York) as the first user; GHIN currently provides services to 83 golf associations domestically and internationally, and provides billable handicaps to over 2.2 million golfers.


Diana M. Murphy Executive Committee Member and President
Sheila C. Johnson Executive Committee Member and Secretary
George J. Still Jr. Executive Committee Member and Treasurer
Susan Pikitch Assistant Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Kathryn Carson Assistant Secretary and Chief Legal Officer
J. Michael Bailey Executive Committee Member
William E. Fallon Executive Committee Member
J. Stuart Francis Executive Committee Member
Malcolm Holland III Executive Committee Member
Glenn Thomas Hough Executive Committee Member
Robert D. Kain Executive Committee Member
Martha J. Lang Executive Committee Member
Gregory B. Morrison Executive Committee Member
Asuka Nakahara Executive Committee Member
Mark E. Newell Executive Committee Member
Mark P. Reinemann Executive Committee Member
Clifford J. Shahbaz Executive Committee Member
Thomas I. Barkin Executive Committee Memeber
Stephen A. Beebe Executive Committee Member
William B. Siart Executive Committee Member
Mike Davis Executive Director/ceo
Michael Butz Senior Managing Director
Sarah Hirshland Senior Managing Director
John Bodenhamer Senior Managing Director
Rand Jerris Senior Managing Director
Steven Schloss Senior Managing Director
Andrew Rhodes Senior Managing Director
Reg Jones Managing Director, U.s. Open Championships
Mary Lopuszynski Senior Director, Merchandise & Licensing
John Spitzer Managing Director, Equipment Standards
Jeff Hall Managing Director, Rules & Open Championships
Kimberly Erusha Managing Director, Green Section
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