Virginia Tech Transportation Economic Development Inc

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Virginia Tech Transportation Economic Development Inc
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Founded in 2012, Virginia Tech Transportation Economic Development Inc is an education nonprofit focused on single organization support. It is a mid-sized organization, with $6.3m in revenue and 26 employees. Virginia Tech Transportation Economic Development Inc is headquartered in Blacksburg, VA and its president is Dr Theresa Mayer as of June, 2019.


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June 2019
+11% Growth
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Vttedi builds a base of research, engineering education, advanced testing, and technology transfer that significantly impacts industrial practice and productivity through the development of advanced materials, intelligent tire technologies and vehicle dynamics data analysis. Vttedi contributes to the economic development of virginia southside through career opportunities for over 25 employees, supporting local businesses, and engaging local educational and nonprofit institutions. Vttedi has created internships for danville community college students and virginia tech engineering students. In addition, vttedi developed curriculum with patrick henry community college racing and supports their activities with tools, testing and track assistance. Vttedi also supports the academy of engineering technology which focuses on southside high school students.vttedi provides development and delivery of specialized research, tire testing and modeling services to global customers and sponsors. Vttedi has built highly specialized facilites that provide state of the art equipment and technology for tire testing and modeling and vehicle modeling. Companies from around the globe travel to alton, va to get the most advanced services and data from the vttedi team.


Dr John E. Dooley Secretary-treasurer
Dr Thomas Dingus President
Roderick Hall Treasurer
Pascha Gerni Treasurer
M. Dwight Shelton Board Director
Dr Thanassis Rikakis Board Director
Dr Theresa Mayer President
Frank Della Pia Executive Director
Jonathan Darab Operations Director
Dr Kevin Kefauver Technical Director
Ryan Quinn Trades Manager
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