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Founded in 2014, Walk San Francisco Foundation is a human services nonprofit focused on alliances & advocacy. It is a relatively small organization, with $809k in revenue and 10 employees. Walk San Francisco Foundation is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and its vp/treasurer is Kimberlee Kimura as of June, 2018.


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June 2018
+54% Growth
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Vision Zero


Walk San Francisco Foundation continued its work as a champion of Vision Zero, the Citys goal to eliminate all severe and fatal traffic injuries in San Francisco by 2024. The Walk SF Foundation led the Vision Zero Coalition of nearly 40 community-based organizations to inform and support the City's efforts to redesign San Francisco's most dangerous streets. We helped strengthen the designs for several specific street projects to improve safety. Much of our work focused specifically on making streets safer for seniors, who are five times more likely to be killed in traffic than other adults. The Walk SF Foundation gave trainings to seniors, and led the Senior & Disability Workgroup of the Vision Zero Coalition. As a result of this work, we secured significant improvements to specific streets, such as longer crossing signals for people to cross Market Street, the city's busiest walking street and a high-injury corridor. The Walk SF Foundation also launched the San Francisco Bay Area branch of Families for Safe Streets, a volunteer group of people who have personally survived a severe traffic crash, or whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured in a crash.


In 2017-2018, Walk San Francisco continued to work with schools to empower local families and school communities to walk, bike, and take transit to school. In addition, we educated families about traffic safety and organized the school community to support traffic safety engineering and enforcement around schools. The Walk SF Foundation hosted Walk and Roll to School Day in October, with 13,000 students at 90 schools across San Francisco participating.


Walk San Francisco Foundation continued its work to make walking more enjoyable and encourage San Franciscans to increase their daily walking. We advocated for significant street projects that connect residents with parks, neighbors, and transportation. This included innovative proposed designs for Page Street, and wider sidewalks and more frequent crossings along the wide and busy Folsom and Howard Streets South of Market. We also advised on citywide policies, including the launch of a powerful new Transportation Demand Management program, which requires developers to encourage and prioritize walking, biking, and public transit.


Marselle Alexander-ozinskas President
Josh Bingham Secretary
Jodie Medeiros Executive Dir.
Cathy Deluca Int. Exec. Dir.
Joseph Steinberger Director
Meghan Arnold Director
Brooke Kuhn Director
Chandani Patel Thompson Director
Alice Rogers Director
Shaana Rahman Director
Luke Stewart Director
Zoee Astrachan Director
Kimberlee Kimura Vp/treasurer
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