Washington School for Girls

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The Washington School for Girls
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Founded in 1997, Washington School for Girls is an education nonprofit focused on secondary & high schools. It is a relatively small organization, with $3.8m in revenue and 40 employees. Washington School for Girls is headquartered in Washington, DC and its president is Beth Reaves as of June, 2019.


Annual Budget
June 2019
+9% Growth
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The school offers an academically challenging curriculum for girls from economic vulnerable areas in grades 3 through 8. The school operates on a twelve-month academic calendar.


Family/student services and graduate support - the school has several programs designed to support remedial and accelerated learning of students as well as to encourage families and community to become involved in the needs and direction of students. In addition, the school monitors and encourages the progress of graduates throughout their high school years and connects graduates to resources for higher education.

Out of School Time Program


Encompasses all programming beyond the traditional school day (after 3 pm) and during school intersession breaks. The ost program provides robust enrichment, athletic, service and student leadership opportunities that contribute to the academic and social development of the school's students.


Pamela Johnson Chair
Maureen Mccarty Vice Chair
Stephanie Perry Vice Chair
Bridget Morris Treasurer
Leah Nelson Secretary
Karen Mccartan Desantis Board Member
Prue Larocca Board Member
Matt Plunket Board Member
Lynda Horvath Board Member
Bruce Gallemore Board Member
Torey Mack Board Member
Ray Tiernan Board Member
Genevieve Murphy Board Member
Dan Hardwick Board Member
Danielle Hinton Board Member
Kamillah Wood Board Member
Eileen Mcdevitt Board Member
Eileen Reid Board Member
Beth Reaves President
Brianne Wetzel Principal
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