The Water Research Foundation

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Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
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The Water Research Foundation is a 501c3 organization officially formed in January 2018 after the merger of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and Water Research Foundation. The merged Foundation is the leading water research organization, funding research, pilot projects, and technology demonstrations that maximize the value of all water, including wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, and recycled water.

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Research -- Werf Research Falls Into One of Six Main Topical Areas, Called Program Areas. These Areas Were Ranked As High Priority By Werf Subscribers and Focus On Critical Water Quality Issues.conveyance Systems


Centralized and decentralized wastewater and stormwater systems design, evaluation, rehabilitation, and optimization; cso/sso control; hydraulics and system capacity.infrastructure management: facility and asset management at plants and collection systems; security strategies and tactics; monitors, sensors, and early warning systems; energy management.solids treatment, residuals & reuse: nutrient treatment and removal technologies, pathogens and micropollutants; odors, aerosols, and air pollutants impact and control; biosolids land application and management.stormwater: develops products that help subscribers effectively manage stormwater quality and quantity to mitigate adverse impacts, protect and restore ecosystems, and provide amenity. Wastewater treatment & reuse: centralized and decentralized treatment for nutrients, pathogens, and micropollutants; intermittent flow issues; odors, aerosols, and air pollutants impact and control; water reusewatershed management & water quality: endpoints, measurement and assessment tools for receiving water health; human and ecological risks from contaminants of concern; sustainable watershed management.

Subscriber Services


Providing information, assistance, materials, or any other service, written or oral, to a subscriber or potential subscriber, cooperating organization, potential or actual funding source.

Research Results Dissemination


Editing and printing reports, software, or other media based upon research sponsored by the foundation, planning and implementing workshops or seminars to disseminate information derived from foundation sponsored research, fulfilling request for materials workshops, seminars, and meetings related to sponsored research.


Glenn Reinhardt Executive Director
Catherine R. Gerali Chairman
Joseph E. Zuback Vice Chairman
Brian Wheeler Treasurer
Eileen O'neil Secretary
Robert J. Sutton Jr. Director of Finance
Patricia J. Anderson Pe Director
Terry L. Johnson Phd Phe Director
Ed Mccormick Pe Director
Kevin L. Shafer Director
Paul L. Bishop Phd Pe Director
James A. Parrott Director
Roger Meyerhoff Phd Director
Cordell Samuels Director
Philippe Gislette Director
Glen Daigger Phd Pe Director
William P. Dee Pe Director
Daniel Woltering Director of Research
Jane Knecht Director of Development
Carol Anne Capuco Director of Communications
Amit Pramanik Senior Program Director
Jeff Moeller Senior Program Director
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