Waterloo Community Schools Foundation

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Waterloo Community Schools Foundation
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Founded in 1989, Waterloo Community Schools Foundation is an education nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. It is a relatively small organization, with $777k in revenue and 3 employees. Waterloo Community Schools Foundation is headquartered in Waterloo, IA and its executive director is Emily Hanson as of June, 2019.


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June 2019
+55% Growth
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The waterloo community schools foundation raises funds which are used to encourage and promote the improvement of the quality of education within the waterloo community school district. The waterloo community schools foundation provides (1)a mechanism for contributions to be allocated to worthwhile charitable and educational programs and facilities; (2) a vehicle for solicitation, accumulation, investment, other management, and distribution of such resources for identified needs and purposes; and (3) an increase in community involvement with and support for the waterloo community school district by engouraging open communication between the community and the district on matters of mutual concern, and by increasing community confidence in the waterloo community school district. The foundation has awarded grants for innovative projects, elementary stem summer camp, and other stem related projects.


Shawna Buckley President
Renee Christoffer Vice President
Ryan Risetter Treasurer
Mike Walden Secretary
Mike Young Past President
Ann Richter Director
Carol Boyce Director
Byran Earnest Director
Sally Hollis Director
Lori Johnson Director
Janet Locke Director
John Berry Director
Beverly Boveia Director
Kristin Stanford Director
Amy Wienands Director
Kalola Roby Director
Emily Hanson Executive Director
Source: IRS 990