Watershed Committee of the Ozarks

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Watershed Committee of Ozarks Inc
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Founded in 1989, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks is an environment nonprofit focused on water resources, wetlands conservation & management. It is a relatively small organization, with $597k in revenue and 14 employees.


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December 2018
+6% Growth
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The Watershed Center is located at Valley Water Mill Park which contains a wide variety of natural features, a 2.5 mile walking trail looping around the entire site, connecting the five major outdoor classrooms or learning stations, at the spring, wetland, lake, forest and stream.


The Watershed Conservation Corps WCC is dedicated to engaging and employing young people in hands-on watershed improvement. Based out of Springfield, Missouri, the WCC is available for hire year-round, though the number of members available May vary throughout the year. The crew can be contracted for projects ranging from a single day, several months or multiple years. Services include habitat restoration and improvement, vegetation management, and trail maintenance.


The Watershed Center strives to provide age appropriate, place-based, education about our water resources. Some groups come simply to enjoy the Park.. Casual visitors can learn about the site through interpretive signage and kiosks located around the park. Often, school groups, professional groups, and community groups want a more formal experience like a field trip or workshop. The Watershed Committee employs an education and outreach coordinator to help such groups plan an educational experience at the Watershed Center.


Jason Hainline Vice Chair
Karen Spence Secretary
Laura Greene Chair
Bridget Dierks Director
Dan Hoy Director
Eric Dove Director
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