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Wave Academy
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Founded in 2010, Wave Academy is an education nonprofit focused on vocational & technical schools. It is a relatively small organization, with $413k in revenue and 2 employees. Wave Academy is headquartered in San Diego, CA and its exec. director is Elizabeth Berg as of December, 2019.


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December 2019
+21% Growth
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Acquatic Bodywork Services. Individuals in critical need of therapeutic treatment may apply for sessions on a reduced fee basis. No-cost treatments are available to eligible applicants. Focused populations include military members diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress and their care providers, as well as hospice patients and their care providers. Aquatic Education Services Scholarships are available to qualified, committed individuals living in State of California seeking a career in Aquatic Bodywork Therapy.


Dan Becker President/treasurer
Dr Mark Jesinoski Treasurer
Nick Seidel Member
Maggie Hannegan Member
Elizabeth Berg Exec. Director
Source: IRS 990