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Founded in 1985, Wellness Council of Wisconsin Inc is an education nonprofit focused on vocational & technical schools. It is a relatively small organization, with $465k in revenue and 5 employees. Wellness Council of Wisconsin Inc is headquartered in Waukesha, WI and its president is Lisa Mrozinski as of December, 2018.


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Wcwi planned and implemented the 28th annual worksite wellness conference for employers throughout the state of wisconsin, held at the monona terrace in madison, wi with 585 total attendees representing 294 organizations and 96% of attendees were very satisfied/satisfied overall with the topics and speakers at the annual conference. The pre conference workshop had 110 attendees. Wcwi's annual awards ceremony had 114 attendees celebrating 41 employers who earned a well workplace award designation, 3 light of wellness award recipients, and 3 light of wellness honorable mention recipients. The awards ceremony also celebrated 2 well city designations for well county la crosse and well city fox cities that collectively had 51 participating employers and impacted over 48,000 total employees.

The Learning Circle Program Was Offered in Three Regions


Milwaukee, madison, appleton. The program is a four-session speaker series on topics that are vital and transformative to employee wellbeing. Each session was 90 minutes with the intention for members to experience a combination of learning, application, and networking. 110 participants engaged in the learning circle program. Wcwi offered four roundtable series with four sessions each of industry-specific conversations and idea-sharing. Wcwi hosted 42 total participants for this program for the manufacturing, public sector, and healthcare industries.


Wcwi services reached 440 members and 1,500 professionals across the state through our consultation services for members and resources such as expert interviews, well practices, blog articles, case studies, and the members-only website and communications. Wcwi provided training to 660 professionals statewide through educational presentations. Wcwi supported and assisted three communities in working toward the designation for well city usa, of which 75 employers were involved and over 68,000 employees were impacted through the projects. Through the project support, wcwi helped over 300 individuals with training and consultation.


Marissa Kalkman Exeuctive Director
Jeff Butz Director
Sarah Havens Director
Patricia Lenius Director
Kathy Krohn Director
Abigail Nadler Director
Sallie Scovill Director
Charlie Stevens Director
Mary Starr Director
Amy Richter Director
Lisa Mrozinski President
Monica Hinek Former President
Kathy Menard-rothe Secretary
Christine Adee Teasurer
Tim Pingel Vice President
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