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Wetlands America Trust Inc
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Wetlands America Trust, Inc. (The Trust) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1985 to support Ducks Unlimited, Inc.’s mission to provide leadership in the protection of the natural balance of wetlands ecosystems ensuring the future viability of waterfowl and other wetland wildlife in the United States. The Trust operates exclusively for the benefit of Ducks Unlimited and complements Ducks Unlimited’s domestic habitat programs in harmony with Ducks Unlimited’s conservation priorities. The trust is also a fiduciary for du amd manages endowments and revolving funds. Ducks Unlimited is the sole member of the trust.

Source: IRS 990


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June 2019
+60% Growth
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Perpetual conservation easements are secured on wetlands and associated upland habitats important to sustaining north american waterfowl populations. Wetlands america trust, inc.'s easements are designed primarily to maintain open space by limiting subdivision and structure creation and to prevent detrimental land-use conversion of habitat ecologically significant to waterfowl. Ducks unlimited, inc. And wetlands america trust, inc. Enforce and annually monitor the terms of each easement to ensure that secured conservation values are maintained in perpetuity.


In addition to securing conservation easements, a portfolio of fee-title properties is also maintained. Generally, wetlands america trust, inc.'s land acquisition strategy serves to protect important waterfowl habitat under imminent threat of detrimental land-use conversion when conservation easements are not an option. Once acquired, waterfowl habitat on the property is restored and rehabilitated. After necessary restorations are complete, properties are disposed to public agencies or conservation buyers after proper steps have been made to ensure perpetual protection of the properties' conservation values.


Steve Maritz President and Trustee
Wendell W. Weakley Sec./treas. and Trustee
Douglas R. Oberhelman Vice President
James W. Ayers Trustee
Paul Bonderson Jr. Trustee
Gary C. Butler Trustee
John S. Dale Trustee
Bill D'alonzo Trustee
Douglas D. Frey Trustee
David F. Grohne Trustee
Rogers Hoyt Trustee
Orrin H. Ingram Ii Trustee
James C. Kennedy Trustee
James Konkel Trustee
Bruce Lauritzen Trustee
Andrew D. Lundquist Trustee
David Mclean Trustee
John L. Morris Trustee
John Paul Morris Trustee
John L. Nau Trustee
Robert Pace Trustee
Dan Ray Trustee
Joe Sivewright Trustee
Mark Stitzer Trustee
Matthew G. Stuller Sr. Trustee
John W. Thompson Trustee
John A. Tomke Trustee
William E. Walker III Trustee
David K. Welles Jr. Trustee
Steve Whatley Trustee
Doug Schoenrock Trustee
David Grieve Trustee
H. Dale Hall Trustee
Daniel P. Thiel Chief Operating Officer
Earl H. Grochau Assistant Treasurer
David A. Marrone Assistant Secretary
Robert D. Mims Former CFO & Asst Treasurer
Source: IRS 990