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Wake Forest University is a private, independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, coeducational research university in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, founded in 1834. The university received its name from its original location in Wake Forest, north of Raleigh, North Carolina, the state capital. The Reynolda Campus, the university's main campus, has been located north of downtown Winston-Salem since the university moved there in 1956. The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center campus has two locations, the older one located near the Ardmore neighborhood in central Winston-Salem, and the newer campus at Wake Forest Innovation Quarter downtown. The university also occupies lab space at Biotech Plaza at Innovation Quarter, and at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials. The University's Graduate School of Management maintains a presence on the main campus in Winston-Salem and in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Instruction of approximately 8,116 students in graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition to the U.S. campus, Wake Forest maintains five student learning centers in Europe, and has numerous study abroad programs available. WFU provides opportunities for foreign students to enter degree programs at the U.S. Campus. The Center for Global Programs and Studies manages the student exchange and study abroad programs, with 789 visiting students from 35 different countries. More than 73.5% of our U.S. students travel abroad for at least one program. Scholarships are awarded to eligible students based on financial need and academic merit. 53.9% of the graduate and undergraduate student population received financial aid awards. Approximately 4,131 students received scholarships or grants from the institution during the year.


Wake Forest maintains campus bookstores, housing and dining facilities, mail services and other program services, including Athletics. Athletic scholarships provided funding for 309 of our athletes during the fiscal year. The Wake Forest conference center serves both University and external constituencies. WFDD-FM Radio, the University's Public Broadcasting Station, provides a venue for teaching and learning as well as communication. The station serves the 32-county Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point market bringing music and culture, news and information to the public at large.


Wake Forest University maintains a campus with academic buildings, research laboratories, space for fraternities and sororities, and recreational facilities. The grounds add to the student experience. The organization also has other auxiliary enterprises designed to enhance and improve the University and the surrounding community. The University supports, with occasional gifts, local exempt organizations, in order to enhance arts and culture in the area.


Julie A. Frieschlag EVP Health Aff.
J. Reid Morgan S.vp, Sec, G.c.
Anita M. Conrad Asst Secretary
Rogan Kersh Provost
B. Hofler Milam Evp, Cfo, Treas
Donna A. Boswell Board Chair
Diana M. Adams Comm Vice Chair
Shelmer D. Blackburn Jr. Comm Vice Chair
John I. Bitove Jr. Trustee
Peter C. Brockway Trustee
Jocelyn Burton Trustee
Bobby R. Burchfield Board Vicechair
Jermyn M. Davis Trustee
H. Lawrence Culp Jr. Trustee
David W. Dupree Comm Vice Chair
Thomas A. Dingledine Committee Chair
James E. Dixon Trustee
Cantey M. Ergen Committee Chair
Lisbeth Clark Evans Trustee
Mary R. Farrell Comm Vice Chair
Helen Hough Feinberg Trustee
Donald E. Flow Committee Chair
Richard Alan Fox Trustee
Frank B. Holding Jr. Committee Chair
Herman E. Eure Trustee
Matthew A. King Committee Chair
Deborah D. Lambert Committee Chair
John R. Lowden Trustee
James J. Marino Committee Chair
John A. Mcavoy Comm Vice Chair
John K. Medica Dec101317 Committee Chair
Jane Love Mcgraw Trustee
Ogden Phipps Ii Trustee
Steven S. Reinemund Trustee
Gerald F. Roach Board Vicechair
Jorge Rodriguez Trustee
Harold O. Rosser Comm Vice Chair
Mit B. Shah Committee Chair
Michael J. Selverian Sr. Committee Chair
Janice Kulynych Story Trustee
Benjamin C. Sutton Jr. Comm Vice Chair
Cathy Wall Thomas Comm Vice Chair
Lloyd P. Tate Jr. Trustee
Shannan Spence Townsend Trustee
David I. Wahrhaftig Comm Vice Chair
Eric C. Wiseman Trustee
Katherine B. Wright Committee Chair
Charles Jeffrey Young Trustee
Jorge A. Fournier Trustee
Donna F. Edwards Trustee
Lawrence D. Hopkins Trustee
Nathan O. Hatch President & Trustee
Charles L. Iacovou Dean, School of Business
Ronald D. Wellman Director of Athletics
Mark A. Petersen VP - Advancement
Michele Gillespie Dean, Wake Forest College
David P. Clawson Football Coach
Jay Sawvel Asst F'ball Coach
Daniel R. Manning Basketball Coach
Ajay Patel Prof, Sch of Busns
Andrew R. Chan VP Career Devel
James J. Dunn Former Chief Invest Officr
John D. Mcconnell Former EVP Health Affairs
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