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Founded in 2009, World Leadership Foundation Inc is an education nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. It is a relatively small organization, with $652k in revenue and 1 employees. World Leadership Foundation Inc is headquartered in Boulder, CO and its secretary is Ross Wehner as of December, 2018.


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December 2018
+20% Growth
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Impact - Teachunitedas a Data-driven Organization, Teachunited Rigorously Measures the Impact and Effectiveness of Its Program. Teachunited's Students and Teachers Categorically Outperform Their Peers. in 2018, Teachunited Saw the Following Gains in Academic Growth and Achievement


1. 74% average increase in Tanzania for all students on Form IV national exam pass rates. The exam determines if a student can complete secondary school.2. 115% average growth in the U.S. across all subject areas achieved in state standardized tests after 1-year in the program.3. 9% growth in class pass rates in Costa Rica at primary schools, while non-TU pass rates for 2018 dropped. 4. Girls in Tanzania saw a 2x increase in promotion rates on the high-stakes Form IV exam. This means more girls can complete the final two years of secondary school, opening opportunities for higher education and better- paying careers. Impact - World Leadership FoundationWorld Leadership Foundation received and spent $75,682 in individual donations from 671 traveling students who worked on 26 service projects at rural schools in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Service projects included A complete list of those service projects is available at


Scott Dooley Treasurer
Heather Hiebsch Executive Director
Kathy Bartlett Chairwoman
Bruce Miller Board Member
Francois Chaubard Board Member
Julian Farrior Board Member
Gregg Goldenberg Board Member
Paul Pasin Board Member
James Dulin Board Member
Eric Roza Board Member
Richard Kimball Board Member
Ross Wehner Secretary
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