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Wounded Warrior Project Inc
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Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001. It operates as a nonprofit 501 organization. As of June 1, 2015, WWP served 71,866 registered alumni and 11,494 registered members. The organization has partnered with several other charities, including the American Red Cross, Resounding Joy, a music therapy group in California, and Operation Homefront. WWP has also provided a year-long Track program, which helps veterans transition to college and the workplace.

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Mental Health & Wellness Programs


Through the organizations mental health and wellness programs, WWP honors its commitment to be there for this generation of wounded warriors no matter how long or difficult their road to recovery. Interactive programs, rehabilitative retreats, and professional services provide warriors with the tools to develop and maintain healthy, meaningful relationships, set goals for the future, and build resilience without the barriers or stigmas associated with mental health issues. Total mental health programs expenses were $63,436,150, including grants of $20,246,069.



These programs focus on connecting warriors with peers, programs, and communities, providing a path to recovery and resilience. Through these important interactions, program staff build trust with warriors, help identify their reintegration needs, bring them out of isolation, and then engage them through free programs and resources. Total connection programs expenses were $50,963,206, for the fiscal year ended september 30, 2018. The organization provides the following connection programs: alumni, international support, peer support, soldier ride, and adaptive sports.

Financial Wellness Programs


An important component to successful transition into civilian life for wounded warriors is the opportunity to pursue a meaningful career, achieve financial stability, and provide for his or her family. Total Financial Wellness Programs expenses were $25,898,108, including grants of $2,141,933, for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2018.


Anthony K. Odierno Chair
Roger C. Campbell Vice Chair
Christopher Toner Chief of Staff
Eric S. Miller Chief Financial Officer
Gary A. Corless Chief Development Officer
Jennifer M. Silva Chief Program Officer
Amberlie Allred Secretary
Dawn M. Boland Secretary
Jonathan Woodson Director
Juan Garcia Director
Justin Constantine Director
Kathleen Widmer Director
Kenneth Fisher Director
Richard M. Jones Director
Richard T. Tryon Director
Alonzo Smith Director
Cari Desantis Director
Lisa Disbrow Director
Michael C. Hall Director
Michael S. Linnington Chief Executive Officer
Michael C. Richardson VP Independence & Mental Health
John T. Hamre III VP Direct Response
Tracy Farrell VP Engagement & Physical Health
Brea Kratzert VP Development
Rene' Bardorf Sr Vp-gov. & Comm. Rel
Ayla M. Tezel VP Communications
Jonathan B. Sullivan VP Eco Emprmnt
Danielle Moga Vp-shared Srvs
Craig Carroll VP Finance & Acct.
Ronald W. Burgess Former CFO
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