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Zoological Society of Milwaukee County
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The mission of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee (ZSM), established in 1910, is to take part in conserving wildlife and endangered species, to educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment, and to support the Milwaukee County Zoo. Helping the Milwaukee County Zoo maintain its reputation as Wisconsin's premier educational and cultural treasure is a big part of the Zoological Society's mission. Together, the Zoo and ZSM serve more than 1.3 million Zoo visitors a year. The ZSM and Zoo work together to attract both a strong family base as well as a diverse, non-traditional audience through free days, targeted school programs, evening concerts, special events and other efforts.


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September 2019
+24% Growth
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Direct support of milwaukee county zoo through purchase of new animals, construction of exhibits, animal conservation and educational expenses


Research grants for advanced studies in conservation and endangered species.


Zsm's bonobo and congo biodiversity initiative (bcbi) studied, and helped to ensure the survival of, bonobos in the drc's salonga national park. The bonobo is a great ape species endemic to the drc. Due to habitat loss, poaching, and civil war, the species has disappeared from much of its historic range. The salonga national park, a world heritage site, is the only national park in the drc designated for bonobo protection.the bcbi studied, and helped to further the survival of, bonobos in the salonga national park and worked to assist local populations neighboring the park. Specifically, through bcbi, zsm provided park support; conducted research and collected useful data by monitoring and surveying bonobo (and other wildlife) populations; and provided local community members with livelihood assistance (agricultural training, supporting primary school education, and adult literacy classes).


Raymond Wilson Chairman
Michael Grebe Vice Chair
Greg Wesley Vice Chair
Maria Gonzalez Knavel Secretary
Derek Tyus Treasurer
William Bergum Director
Kevin Burns Director
Eric Christophersen Director
Christine Culver Director
Nathan Cunniff Director
Joe Frohna Director
Tammi Scully Garrison Director
John Grunau Director
Peter Hammond Director
Katherine Hust Director
Emory Ireland Director
Karen Peck Katz Director
John Kissinger Director
Ross Kohl Director
Joe Kresl Director
Thomas A. Marini Jr. Director
Anthony Marino Director
Df Mckeithan Director
Jay Mckenna Director
Kat Morrow Director
Gina Peter Director
Scott Redlinger Director
Harold Redman Director
Lacey Sadoff Director
Barry Sattell Director
Kim Schaffer Director
Rick Schmidt Director
Meghan Shannon Director
Thelma Sias Director
Roger Smith Director
Johnathan Sohn Director
Judy Holz Stathas Director
Dave Strelitz Director
Michael Stull Director
Rich Tennessen Director
Jane Wierzba Director
Caroline Frider Immediate Past Chair
Jodi Gibson President/ceo/director
John Heindel VP - Finance/administratio
Robin Higgins VP - Membership
Penny Gutekunst Vp-development
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