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Shambhala Mountain Center
Red Feather Lakes, CO
The Shambhala Mountain Center was founded by Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1971 at Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Trungpa arrived in Boulder, Colorado in 1970 with a number of students from Tail of the Tiger in Barnet, Vermont, now known as Karmê Chöling.
Dharma Ocean Foundation
Boulder, CO
Practicing for 20 years and training with Reggie since 2004, David holds the study and practice of meditation as his primary life commitment. In 2006 he developed a meditation program based on “Meditating with the Body” at a large, non-profit research institute where he worked as a research scientist and engineer. David’s teaching draws on his love of science and a background in Japanese martial arts and explores how the depth of being uncovered in practice manifests in everyday experience. In 2013 David moved to Boulder to serve as Dharma Ocean’s Executive Director.
Koyasan Beikoku Betsuin of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Koyasan Beikoku Betsuin, also known as Koyasan Buddhist Temple, is a Japanese Buddhist temple in the Little Tokyo district of Downtown Los Angeles, California, United States. Founded in 1912, it is one of the oldest existing Buddhist temples in the North American mainland region.
Khyentse Foundation
San Francisco, CA
The Khyentse Foundation is a collaborative effort of students, friends, volunteers and sponsors around the world. We are engaged in an international campaign to provide the necessary resources, capital, manpower and knowledge to fund or seed a number of priority projects envisioned by Khyentse Rinpoche to support the community of dharma students and practitioners worldwide.
Fremont, CA
Wat Buddhanusorn is a Buddhist temple of the Theravadan tradition in Fremont, California, United States. The name, Wat Buddhanusorn, means “temple for the dedication of the Buddha, ” in the Thai language. It was founded in 1983 and, in Buddhist tradition, relies on donations and volunteer work for support.
Lions Roar Foundation
Halifax, NS
Founded in 2006, Lions Roar Foundation is a religion-related nonprofit focused on buddhism. Lions Roar Foundation is headquartered in Halifax, NS and its president is Melvin Mcleod as of December, 2018.
Encouraging Word
Spartanburg, SC
Founded in 2004, Encouraging Word is a religion-related nonprofit focused on buddhism. It is a relatively small organization, with $2.2m in revenue and 10 employees.
Sachen Foundation
Minneapolis, MN
H.E. Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding Rinpoche, the highest and most thoroughly trained female Buddhist teacher, was born into the Drolma Podrang, or Tara Palace of the Sakya Khön family in 1938, the year of the earth tiger. She began her dharma studies at the age of five. His Holiness, the 41st Sakya Trizin, was born when she was six years old. According to the tradition in her family, she took novice ordination when she was “old enough to scare crows away” at the age of seven. When she was ten years old, she made her first retreat. She meditated on the form of Vajrapani known as Bhutadamara, and in one month completed one million recitations of the short mantra, HUM VAJRA PHAT, and one hundred thousand recitations of the long mantra. In her eleventh year, her father, Kunga Rinchen, sent her on her first teaching assignment. She spent the fourth through the tenth Tibetan months among the nomads on the northern plains of Tibet , giving transmissions and teachings on Phowa, or transference of consciousness, as well as conducting torma offerings, performing lhasang, or incense offerings, and giving other teachings and empowerments. The third woman in the history of Tibet to have transmitted the Lamdre (the Path and Fruit) teachings, a fully accomplished guru and lineage holder, she is known for her teachings on Vajrayogini and is considered an emanation of that yidam of enlightened feminine energy.
Ligmincha International
Shipman, VA
Founded in 1992, Ligmincha International is a religion-related nonprofit focused on buddhism. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.1m in revenue and 37 employees. Ligmincha International is headquartered in Shipman, VA and its board chair is Robert Patzig as of December, 2015.
Dharma Drum Retreat Center
Pine Bush, NY
Founded in 2006, Dharma Drum Retreat Center is a religion-related nonprofit focused on buddhism.