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Feed My Starving Children
Coon Rapids, MN
Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations. Founded in 1987, it has reached out to more than 70 countries.
Iris Global
Redding, CA
Iris Global is a Christian NGO committed to expressing a living and tangible response to those commandments that Jesus called greatest: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength," and "Love your neighbor as yourself." Iris Global exists to participate in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth in all its aspects, but most especially through our particular calling to serve the very poor: the destitute, the lost, the broken and the forgotten. We are empowered by the presence of God the Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to stop for the one in need through adoration, outreach, family, education, healing, and the arts.
World Pediatric Project
Richmond, VA
World Pediatric Project, formerly the International Hospital for Children, is a humanitarian organization linking worldwide pediatric surgical, diagnostic and preventative resources to heal critically ill children in developing countries. World Pediatric Project also helps build indigenous health care capacity - saving lives now while transforming pediatric health outcomes for years to come. Through our international network of medical partners, World Pediatric Project provides the critical skills, financial resources and organizational foundation to care for the surgical needs of children in developing countries. World Pediatric Project sends pediatric surgical and diagnostic teams to our partner countries and brings complex cases for treatment to our growing network of US and international partner hospitals.
Christian Relief Fund
Amarillo, TX
Christian Relief Fund is a non-profit organization in Amarillo, TX focused on bringing relief to orphans and children in poverty. Through child sponsorship and relief programs, CRF provides food, clean water, education, spiritual training, healthcare, and disaster relief worldwide.
Children's Hopechest
Palmer Lake, CO
Children's HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and impoverished children and their communities. We do this through partnerships that cultivate sustainable two-way transformation. We connect communities in North America with communities of orphaned and vulnerable children overseas. Our unique Community-to-Community model leverages the power of relationships to see long-term, sustainable transformation occur in the lives of children and their surrounding communities. We seek to bring lasting, positive transformation to those we serve, and in turn, our communities in North America are impacted as well.
Life For Relief & Development
Southfield, MI
Dr. Asamarai has served as a board member in Life for Relief and Development since it's establishment in 1992. He hold the following degrees: D.V.M., M.Sc., Ph.D. and M.D. His degree as a medical doctor was inspired by his commitment to helping the needy. He hopes to continue to see Life extending the hand to all suffering people around the world.
Good Neighbors USA
Tustin, CA
Good Neighbors USA respects the human rights of our neighbors suffering from poverty, disasters, oppression, and helps them to achieve self-reliance and enables them to rebuild their hope. Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian development NGO founded in Korea in 1991. It was granted General Consultative Status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). To make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony, we work in 38 countries with our focus on community development projects to protect children's rights and encourage the self-reliance of communities. We not only provide humanitarian assistance to DPRK but conduct emergency relief activities throughout the globe in need of a helping hand.
The Luke Commission
Sagle, ID
Operating in Swaziland since 2005 under the direction of Dr. Harry and Echo (PAC) VanderWal, The Luke Commission (TLC) takes free health care and hope to the most isolated and underserved populations, in partnership with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health. Mobile hospital outreach sites are set up in outermost parts of this small country, whose population is fighting for its very existence. HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of countless Swazis and left one-fifth of the children as orphans. Delaying orphanhood. That has become one of the main aims of The Luke Commission.
Ahed International Inc
Irving, TX
Baitulmaal strives to aid the sick, aged, and helpless, children, orphans and widows, with plans to improve sanitation and prevent disease, to encourage social and domestic hygiene, and future plans to build, repair, and maintain schools across the globe. Baitulmaal is working very hard to touch the hearts and lives of people through its various programs and unique projects on the ground both here in the states and abroad. Our vision is to see people of all countries, leading healthy and productive lives above poverty level, and to bring a sense of security and hope for all.
Zoe Ministry
Raleigh, NC
Zoe is a holistic Christian ministry focusing on empowering orphans and vulnerable children to be able to provide for themselves. Zoe utilizes a community-based model for empowerment that was developed in Africa. The program is a developmental approach where orphaned and vulnerable children identify and overcome the obstacles preventing them from living life in all its fullness. Through Zoe, orphans access the knowledge and resources needed to improve their well-being and overcome poverty.