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Vitamin Angels
Goleta, CA
Vitamin Angels mission is to help at-risk populations in need - specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five - gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals.
Portland, OR
FoodCorps is an American non-profit organization whose mission is to work with communities to "connect kids to healthy food in school."
Big Green
Boulder, CO
Big Green was founded in 2011 by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson. Kimbal and Hugo co-founded The Kitchen Restaurant Group together in 2004 and were supporting local school garden initiatives through their restaurants. They were inspired by the way school gardens can help kids increase their preference for nutritious foods, develop healthier responses to stress, and improve their academic performance. They wanted to find a way to achieve that same kind of local impact at scale, so that children all over the country could reap the benefits of a thriving school garden.
The Food Trust
Philadelphia, PA
The Food Trust, a nonprofit founded in Philadelphia in 1992, strives to make healthy food available to all. The Food Trust is a regional and national leader in developing new strategies to prevent childhood obesity and other diet-related diseases through innovative programs to increase access to fresh food and provide nutrition education in underserved communities.
Children's Hunger Alliance
Columbus, OH
Founded in 1970, Children's Hunger Alliance is a human services nonprofit focused on nutrition. It is a mid-sized organization, with $11m in revenue and 105 employees.
Food Rescue Us
Norwalk, CT
Founded in 2011, Food Rescue Us is a human services nonprofit focused on nutrition.
Child Nutrition Program
Charlotte, NC
Child Nutrition Program, Inc distributes federal funds to child care providers in order to help eligible child care homes and child care centers serve nutritious meals, teach children about healthy eating, and ensure compliance with federal guidelines.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
After many years of leading team-building activities with adults and youth, Lynne Kunins established FLIPANY as a 501c (3) non-profit organization in 2005. She saw, first hand, the ill effects lack of access to nutrition and physical education had on children who were living in low-income communities. Lynne developed FLIPANY to address the health and education disparities in these underserved areas of Florida.
Brighter Bites
Houston, TX
Brighter Bites is a produce co-op, with an education component, that focuses on underserved communities. The organization builds relationships by engaging schools, communities and other partners to participate in the Brighter Bites program of produce distribution and nutrition education for a fun, healthy food experience.
Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Founded in 1968, Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan is a human services nonprofit focused on nutrition. It is a mid-sized organization, with $20m in revenue and 168 employees. Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan is headquartered in Sault Ste. Marie, MI and its executive director is Lyle Lufkins as of September, 2019.