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Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Millbrook, NY
Founded in 1983 by Dr. Gene E. Likens, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is a leader in applying the ecosystem approach to some of society's most pressing problems, from the quantity and quality of freshwater resources to the health of our forests. The Institute is dedicated to the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge about ecological systems. This knowledge is created through scientific research, disseminated through teaching, writing, and exhibits, and applied through participation in decision-making regarding the ecological management of natural resources and through promotion of a broader awareness about the importance of ecological relationships to human welfare.
The Water Research Foundation
Alexandria, VA
The Water Research Foundation is a 501c3 organization officially formed in January 2018 after the merger of the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and Water Research Foundation. The merged Foundation is the leading water research organization, funding research, pilot projects, and technology demonstrations that maximize the value of all water, including wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, and recycled water.
Brooklyn, NY
350.org works with people around the world, using online tools to facilitate strategic campaigns, organizing, and public engagement actions to communicate both the realities of science and principles of justice in addressing the climate crisis.
Resources for the Future
Washington, DC
Founded in 1952, Resources for the Future (RFF) improves environmental and natural resource policymaking worldwide through objective social science research of the highest caliber. RFF conducts independent research - rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences - on environmental, energy, and natural resource issues. RFF has pioneered the application of economics as a tool to develop more effective policy about the use and conservation of natural resources. Its scholars continue to analyze critical issues concerning pollution control, energy and transportation policy, land and water use, hazardous waste, climate change, biodiversity, ecosystem management, and the environmental challenges of developing countries.
International Council on Clean Transportation
Washington, DC
The International Council on Clean Transportation is an independent nonprofit organization incorporated under Section 501 of the US tax code. It provides technical and scientific analysis to environmental regulators.
Health Care Without Harm
Reston, VA
The mission of Health Care Without Harm (hcwh) is to transform health care worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.
Smart Growth America
Washington, DC
Smart Growth America is a coalition of advocacy organizations that have a stake in how metropolitan expansion affects the environment, quality of life and economic sustainability.
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Arlington, VA
C2ES advances strong policy and action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy, and strengthen resilience to climate impacts. A key objective is a national market-based program to reduce emissions cost-effectively. We believe a sound climate strategy is essential to ensure a strong, sustainable economy. We are: - A Trusted Source - Ranking regularly among the top environmental think tanks in the world, C2ES provides timely, impartial information and analysis on our pressing climate and energy challenges. - A Bridge-Builder - We bring city, state, and national policymakers together with businesses and other stakeholders to achieve common understanding and consensus solutions. - A Policy Innovator - We develop market-based solutions and other practical policy approaches that deliver real and lasting climate progress. - A Catalyst for Business Action - We work with Fortune 500 companies to strengthen business action and business support for effective climate policy.
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
Westminster, CO
The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation is a collaborative, educational nonprofit organization dedicated to the scholarly and practical study of the law and regulations relating to mining, oil and gas, energy, water, public lands, and related areas.
Clean Water Fund
Washington, DC
Clean Water Fund (CWF) works to develop strong grassroots environmental leadership and to bring together diverse constituencies to work cooperatively for changes that improve their lives, focused on health, consumer, environmental and community problems. Since 1978, Clean Water Fund has helped people campaign successfully for cleaner and safer water, cleaner air, and protection from toxic pollution in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces. Clean Water Fund's programs build on and complement those of Clean Water Action, which has helped develop, pass, strengthen and defend the nation's major water and toxics laws.