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Matthew 25: Ministries
Cincinnati, OH
Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. Matthew 25: Ministries provides humanitarian aid and disaster relief to the poor throughout the US and around the world. Matthew 25 collects excess products from corporations and manufacturers as well as the general public and ships these donations to those in need.
Global Fund for Women
San Francisco, CA
The Global Fund for Women is a non-profit foundation funding women's human rights initiatives. It was founded in 1987 by New Zealander Anne Firth Murray, and co-founded by Frances Kissling and Laura Lederer to fund women's initiatives around the world. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
Alexandria, VA
Good360 is a 501 charitable organization located in Alexandria, Virginia. The organization's mission is to help companies donate excess merchandise to charities instead of destroying it. In 2015, it was ranked the 39th largest charity in the United States by Forbes magazine.
Medical Bridges
Houston, TX
Founded in 1997, the mission of Medical Bridges is to bridge the healthcare gap by procuring medical, dental and surgical supplies and equipment for redistribution to qualified organizations and medical missions primarily in the developing world. Sponsoring organizations such as churches, civic groups, local corporations doing business abroad, and international organizations all have to apply to send medical supplies to clinics and/or hospitals in developing countries. The application process ensures that we are sending supplies to a qualified facility that serves the indigent population.
Globous Relief Fund
Salt Lake City, UT
Globus Relief was founded in 1996 by successful business entrepreneurs devoted to helping those in need, with a mission to redirect useable health resources locally and globally. Globus Relief is a major force for good, creating a reliable humanitarian supply chain that has provided over $200 million worth of soft medical goods, instrumentation, medical equipment and other health related products. From our inception, Globus Relief has sought to cooperate, rather than compete, with other charities. Corporate and Business partnerships allow us to redirect humanitarian resources to charity partners, enabling them to provide improved healthcare services more effectively, and leverage expenses so more can be accomplished. As a result, our mission has impacted over 100 countries worldwide, partnering with over 500 charities and servicing over 12,000 projects worldwide.
Engineering Ministries International
Colorado Springs, CO
Engineering Ministries International (EMI) is a Christian development organization made up of architects, engineers and design professionals who donate their skills to help children and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope. Engineering Ministries International designs facilities (including buildings, roads, clean water projects and more) that directly impact communities by meeting physical needs and communicating God's love in a practical way. We partner with Christian workers, pastors, and other non-profits who have a vision to help the poor and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 1982, we've worked on almost 800 relief and development projects in 80 countries. Last year, we worked on 74 projects, closed out many others and donated over 56,392 hours in services to our client partners.
Environmental Investigation Agency
Washington, DC
Working in Washington DC since 1989, EIA has identified and implemented solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems. Our campaigns to protect endangered wildlife, forests, and the global climate operate at the intersection between increasing global demand and the accelerating loss of natural resources and species. EIA is a different kind of environmental organization with a unique combination of methods: undercover investigations of criminal activity, a wide variety of scientific, economic and social primary evidence, and campaigning expertise. EIA takes advantage of its independence and mobility to produce game-changing primary evidence. From remote villages in Latin America and Africa, to the negotiating platforms of the UNFCCC, CITES, and Montreal Protocol, we seek to connect with and empower civil society, facilitate dialogue amongst industry and global leaders, and promote frameworks that protect natural resources, wildlife, and the people that depend on them.
Pci-Media Impat Inc
New York, NY
PCI-Media Impact, formerly Population Communications International, works to improve health, promote human rights and bring social advancement through the use of creative media. Founded in 1985, PCI-Media Impact has trained hundreds of organizations and community leaders in the effective use of media and broadcast more than 242 productions in 27 countries, including radio and television serial dramas, comic books, documentaries and public service announcements. PCI-Media Impact's programs carry research-based and culturally sensitive messages that catalyze measurable personal and community action.
Wings of Hope
Chesterfield, MO
Founded in 1962, Wings of Hope delivers humanitarian programs to the impoverished to achieve a more peaceful world. Using primarily aviation-based tools, we currently work in 13 countries around the globe helping the world's poorest citizens access the basic resources essential to human dignity. Instead of simply providing charity, we work side by side with communities around the world as they work towards self-sufficiency. Our programs include: - Access to health services - Sustainable food and water systems - Educational infrastructure and programs - Economic opportunity - Community development We respond to requests all over the globe--in the USA, Asia, Africa, Central and South America--to build customized and holistic solutions helping communities ensure long-term sustainability. Wings of Hope was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 and 2012 in recognition of this important work.
Child Aid
Portland, OR
Child Aid's mission is to create opportunity for Latin America's rural and indigenous poor through childhood literacy and education programs. We conduct reading programs in partnership with nearly 100 public schools in Guatemala. We provide critical training and one-on-one coaching to teachers and put books into the hands of thousands of children. Child Aid's literacy work provides the means for children to break out of poverty and build better lives for themselves and their families.