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Otis College of Art and Design
Los Angeles, CA
Otis College of Art and Design is a private art school and design school in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Established in 1918, it was the city's first independent professional school of art.
California Charter School Consortium
Los Angeles, CA
Founded in 2003, the vision of the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is to empower parents and educators to unleash a new era of innovation within public education so that highly autonomous and accountable schools of choice provide quality learning opportunities for all California students. The Mission of CCSA is to enable their members to increase the number of students attending quality charter schools in California as quickly as possible by securing policy wins supportive of charter schools and providing the supports necessary to open and expand quality charter schools.
Cambodian Children's Fund
Santa Monica, CA
Cambodian Children's Fund is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2004 by Scott Neeson to aid children in Steung Meanchey, one of the poorest areas in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. Initially established to support 45 children in need, CCF now educates over 2,000 children.
Covenant House California
Los Angeles, CA
Covenant House California is dedicated to serving all God's children, with absolute respect and unconditional love, to help youth experiencing homelessness, and to protect and safeguard all youth in need. Covenant House California (CHC) is a non-profit youth homeless shelter that provides sanctuary and support for homeless and trafficked youth, ages 18-24. We believe that no young person deserves to be homeless; that every young person in California deserves shelter, food, clothing, education … and most importantly, to be loved. CHC provides a full continuum of services to meet the physical, emotional, educational, vocational, and spiritual well-being of young people, in order to provide them with the best chance for success in independence.
Environmental Charter Schools
Gardena, CA
Environmental Charter High School, abbreviated to ECHS, is a 9th through 12th grade public charter high school in Lawndale, California. It was founded in 2000.
Los Angeles, CA
MEND-Meet Each Need with Dignity, which serves as many as 30,000 poverty-level clients each month while remarkably keeping operating costs to 5%, is the largest, most efficient and comprehensive poverty-relief organization in the San Fernando Valley. MEND takes a holistic approach to relieve the effects of poverty by providing basic human needs while giving their clients the tools, education, training, support and opportunities that foster self-reliance. MEND was born as a volunteer-powered organization four decades ago in a garage in suburban LA and today benefits from the assistance of more than 3000 volunteers (and only 25 paid staffers) to implement its vast array of programs that provide food, clothing, medical, dental and vision care; job training, classes in ESL, literacy, computers, office skills, sewing and parenting; math, reading and science tutoring for kids; hot meals, food, clothing and showers to the homeless and a community wide Adopt-a-Family Christmas Program.
Da Vinci Schools
El Segundo, CA
Da Vinci Schools is a public charter school network located at the corners of Hawthorne, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach in Los Angeles, California, United States.
San Jose Charter Academy
West Covina, CA
San Jose Charter Academy is a charter school serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade in West Covina, California.
Food Finders Inc
Los Alamitos, CA
Food Finders was founded in 1989 to address the disparity between the amount of food being thrown away and the amount of people experiencing hunger daily. Food Finders was quickly formed, and restaurants, grocers and other food vendors were encouraged to donated food overages to local shelters, missions and pantries serving people in need. The organization grew from serving local Long Beach nonprofits to one that now serves much of Southern California, with more than 350 nonprofit partners, over 700 food donors and an average of 11 million pounds of food rescued annually to address hunger and reduce food waste.
Beverly Hills, CA
TreePeople is a California based nonprofit environmental advocacy group located in Los Angeles. TreePeople promotes sustainable urban ecosystems in the Greater Los Angeles area through education, support for volunteer community-based action, and advocacy.